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People Management Lessons From The Ski Slope

Whilst recovering from my own first nerve-wrecking ski lesson, I was watching a ski instructor expertly guide his nervous new charges to the bottom of the short gentle slope. This scene made me ponder the question whether there are any similarities with leading – and being part of – [...]

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    Disregard Notions of Millennials: It’s Time to Stop Generalising Generations in the Workforce

Disregard Notions of Millennials: It’s Time to Stop Generalising Generations in the Workforce

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I am a Millennial. My views may or may not be representative of those of my peer group. Now we’ve got that out of the way, I would like to discuss the incredibly problematic generalisation of generations in the workplace.
People love to [...]

Do you hire based on instinct or impulse?

Hiring new employees is hard. Finding the most suitable employees for an organisation is even harder. The American Management Consultant Peter Drucker famously said that “33% of staffing decisions are bad, 33% are acceptable, and 33% are ok”.
So, why is hiring new employees so difficult?

You may be the [...]

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Does Your Talent Pipeline Have a Leak that Needs Fixing?

Like an increasing number of managers or HR professionals, you might be discovering the growing importance of developing a truly watertight talent pipeline, and how this can positively impact on the long-term future of your company and your workforce.
Developing a talent pipeline involves a company creating a flow [...]

The Top 9 Qualities of a Great Boss

There are a lot of points to consider if you want to be a great boss. The fact that you’re looking into the subject probably means you’re on the right track, but it can be a little overwhelming once you start trying to implement all of the tips out [...]

Unhappy Employees? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you wondering what you can do about disengaged and unhappy employees? Good news! You’re not alone: 87 percent of organisations across the world cite company culture and employee engagement as their top challenges. The bad news is, with more than 71% of employees across the world not fully [...]

  • Finding positives amidst redundancies
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    Can you find any positives when managing after layoffs & redundancies?

Can you find any positives when managing after layoffs & redundancies?

As some sectors of the global economy are recovering from the financial crises that erupted in 2007, others continue to struggle. Recently the British steel industry issued a hard-hitting reminder and announced that more than one in six workers will lose their jobs. Companies of all sizes continue to [...]

Your Sales Journey Starts When Your Prospect Says “No”

Selling to interested buyers is easy; the challenge comes when your prospect utters the word ‘No’. Rather than shrug your shoulders and accept it, fight to overcome those sales objections. Some sales people are eager to take on the challenge when the client says ‘No’.

Choose wisely
First of [...]

10 Lightning Fast Points for Building a New Business

Starting or taking over a business can be a complete waste of your time…         …unless you have a clear vision and plan of action. Then it could turn out to be the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

Having a product or service whichyou are intensely [...]

How Safe Is Your Workforce From The Shadow Of Stress?

Workplace stress isn’t easy to define, but we all know what it feels like when it happens.
Fatigue, anxiety, lack of focus and feelings of hopelessness and despair are all common when suffering from work-related stress.

Not to mention the migraines, stomach problems and physical symptoms which often accompany stress [...]