Manager as Coach

The best managers know how to coach their people.


Manager as Coach is a one day workshop designed to help managers boost their effectiveness as leaders. Learn how to drive team success by inspiring and developing your people through coaching.

Why coaching?

Influencing people at workDeveloping talent is not optional. It is a business necessity.

Just as research and development is essential in driving innovation and competitive advantage, learning and development is an essential component in developing an organisation’s greatest asset – its people. In this context, there is increasing expectation on line managers to coach their people.

Coaches do not develop people; coaches equip people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities to develop themselves and become more effective

Done effectively, coaching brings a number of benefits to the individuals being coached, the managers as coaches, and the organisation overall.  Coaching doesn’t need to take a great deal of your time. If you invest five per cent of your energy and focus on coaching your people you will yield healthy returns.

What will we work on during the programme?

  • Get to know a little bit about the history and development of coaching
  • Gain a shared understanding of the value and benefit of coaching in the workplace for you as a leader and manager, for the organisation, and for the people you coach
  • Consider what coaching is, and what it is not; and the role of the coach
  • Understand why it’s important to establish boundaries, and ensure integrity and confidentiality – the principle of contracting
  • Learn and practice essential core coaching skills
  • Explore practical solutions-based coaching tools and techniques you can use to plan and structure effective coaching discussions with your people

By the end of the workshop, you will be prepared to face, and deal with, dilemmas and challenges when coaching your people.

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