Predictive Index® For Small Business

Leading brands devote their budgets to finding the best of the best


Leading organisations know that the secret to long-term success and growth within their industry, relies on attracting, selecting and developing the right people, with the right talents, and setting them up for success. Why shouldn't businesses with smaller hiring budgets be able to attract and develop the best people? After all, creating successful and harmonious teams is crucial for the growth of any business.

Every employee that you bring on board needs to fit to your culture and work towards your business goals, whilst being given the opportunity to develop in accordance with their individual needs.

The simple fact is that hiring someone who does not fit the demands of the job or your company culture can have disastrous effects on the productivity, profit and reputation of your business.

Business resources are precious and it can take businesses with smaller budgets much longer to recover from bad hiring decisions than a global organisation.

Since 1955, thousands of medium-sized enterprises and larger multinational companies have used the Predictive Index® System independently and in-house, to help them reduce the costs and wasted time involved in making poor hiring decisions, and developing people in the wrong way. We think that these sophisticated behavioural assessment techniques should not be exclusive to businesses with big budgets! We believe that businesses with smaller budgets should have the same opportunity to make the most of their people, too. This is why we have introduced PI for Small Business, our pay-per-assessment system, which means that you can enjoy the benefits of the Predictive Index without being tied into an annual contract.

PI® for Small Business


PI® for Small Business provides a consultant-led introductory package of this same powerful behavioural assessment and job profiling tool on a convenient pay-as-you-go basis.

Our consultants are trained and highly experienced in the Predictive Index® System which comprises the Predictive Index® (PI®) Survey and the Performance Requirement Options ™ (PRO) job profiling system.




The PRO determines the ideal behavioural requirements for a particular job.


The Predictive Index® Survey


The PI measures the work-related behaviours and motivational needs of your people.

Linking and comparing the two sets of data helps you to identify the most suitable candidate for each role.

How does PI® for Small Business work?


Having results interpreted and applied to your particular business environment by an expert will make a tangible, positive impact on your people strategy.

By having detailed knowledge of an employee’s behavioural characteristic and motivational needs, you can:

  • Make recruitment decisions with absolute confidence
  • Identify and tackle underperformance
  • Recognise the development needs of your employees
  • Uncover the true potential of each member of your workforce
  • Create effective and engaged teams

We understand that your business has its own unique systems, structures and working methods. That is why our consultants use their experience to work closely with you.


During the initial consultation, they will gain a thorough understanding of your specific business needs and challenges.

The initial consultation also includes one PRO® job analysis for a particular position and one Predictive Index® Survey to a current employee or job candidate.

Our consultant will analyse the data and compare the PI results with the job requirements to highlight fits and gaps, providing you with an in-depth assessment of how your candidate is likely to perform in that role and team.

Further analyses of subsequent candidates for that role and job profiling for other positions can be arranged as and when they are needed on a pay-as-you-go basis.