If you’ve ever been responsible for the success (or failure) of a team before, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to get each member firing on all cylinders and working together in harmony and unison – developing seriously effective teams can certainly be a huge hurdle.

The Challenges of Virtual Teams and Remote Workersglobe

Well, imagine if you’d never even met your team before, and had to manage their productivity, motivation and teamwork, from a totally different location on the globe, without ever coming face to face with ANY of them…

…a daunting thought for some, yet a reality for many people managers of today.

The rise of the virtual team and the remote worker has altered the way in which we think about people management, and has thrown up new challenges for us all to overcome.

Whilst many organisations resist the “remote revolution”, those embracing it are still battling with how to apply their existing knowledge about people management to this new format of working.

Pressure is on Business Leaders

Even while technology has made it easier for employees to connect, the real pressure is on business leaders and their managers to develop and oversee teams that work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively across different time zones and cultures, without facing employee retention issues and endless workplace conflict.

With more than half (56%) of Fortune 500 senior executives and hiring managers anticipating reliance on virtual teams to multiply in the next one to three years, it has never been as important to get this people management strategy right.


Infographic: Using Personality Data To Manage Virtual Teams

The below infographic, Using Personality Data to Manage Virtual Teams, explores the rise of the virtual employee and lists some of the challenges associated with managing the virtual workforce.

What’s your best practise for managing virtual teams?

How are you overcoming the people management challenges that arise from remote working?

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